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Complete Football Health Podcast

Dec 17, 2018

In this episode, sports performance coach, Emily Pappas, discusses the importance of performance training for female athletes, creating an environment for female athletes to excel in, and some common myths surrounding weight training.

Emily is the owner of Relentless Athletics, a strength training and sports nutrition company for female athletes in Pennsylvania. She holds a master's degree in Exercise Physiology and was a recipient of two PhD Fellowships at Temple University and Temple Med. Emily developed the idea of Relentless Athletics as way to fill a void that exists in the S&C industry for the female athlete population.  Relentless is a means to educate female athletes on the importance of strength training and sports nutrition for both their physical and mental development. Through Relentless, Emily aims to use her scientific knowledge, experience, and passion to create a community of female athletes that are stronger and more confident in their ability to work towards any goal they aspire to achieve.